CORSET - Brown & Dust Pink
CORSET - Brown & Dust Pink
CORSET - Brown & Dust Pink
CORSET - Brown & Dust Pink

CORSET - Brown & Dust Pink

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  • Ethically Handmade in Guatemala
  • Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Hand-dyed with our Holistic, plant-based Mahogany color.
  • Made with Indigenous textile specially selected, including hand-woven huipiles from Mayan, or hand-sewn Molas from Guna. 

This corset is inspired by armor, a piece to protect and straighten your back, allowing your energy to align with the cosmic energy.

Part of our Mayan Burlesque collection a mix of victorian reminiscent and Indigenous patterns, our version is soft and can be worn like a glove on your hand.

Each “One-of-a-Kind" piece weaves different meanings and stories into its textiles. The piece is cut based on a crystal structure symmetry pattern, where the textiles play like lights and micro fractals full of colors and shade reflections.

The spiral bonds on the side and front are added to maintain a straight and well-fitted look, but also allow you to dance and move around.

The strings on the sides help this fit you perfectly by tightening where you need it. This beautiful sacred piece is also easy to wear - try it on top of plain dresses to spice up your look, or alone with leggings or a skirt.

Of course, you can "wear it up" but we trust you'll do just fine styling your beautiful self in the way you feel aligns.

Handmade with love in Guatemala. We hope you'll love it!

Model is 5’7” and wearing size M.

Complete the look: EGG SKIRT

Order Size Int US Bust Waist Hips
4 33.5" 84cm 26.5" 68cm 36.5" 92cm
6 34.5" 88cm 27.5" 70cm 38" 96cm
M M 8 35.5" 90cm 28.5" 72cm 38" 98cm
L L 10 36.5" 93cm 29.5" 75cm 40" 101cm
L L 12 38" 97cm 31" 79cm 41.5" 105cm
XL XL 14 39" 100cm 32.5" 83cm 43" 109cm
XL XL 16 41" 104cm 34" 86cm 44" 111cm
Order Size Chest
36" - 38" (91-96 cm) 
39" - 40" (96-101 cm)
40" - 42" (101-106 cm)
XL 42" - 44" (106 - 111 cm)

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Rebeca Davis

Love the maker and all she creates! Epic pieces, made incredibly ❤️🙌