CCC - Conscious Consorcio

Clothing Conscious Convergence + Consorcio de Asociaciones de Santiago

Chukmuk  a little town outside Santiago destroyed from the  hurricane  Stan and the  Internal  war conflict  happened in Guatemala, this community suffered for social and natural disasters.

We've received a Rotary International grant to start a commercial sewing project with the help of Lantzville Rotary    recommended by  Aldea Maya for the grant. We will be using a room in the Consorcio  women's coop to set up all the industrial machines.

A new coop has been formed to run this project Conscious Clothing Consorcio This coop has 8 women and one man learning to sew.

Conscious Convergence , is planning on running the majority of the clothing operation from this site.

This is huge, as there are minimal ways to make a living in the highlands of Guatemala and this project will pay fair trade wages.

The project is already running since September and we move forward since January 2016!

For all us a is a big goal! If you want to participate in supporting it you can buy something form our items or give us space for showing it!


Diabetes Workshops with NutriCosmica

Collaborating in order to become a healthier community.

Conscious Convergence  in collaboration with Nutricosmica, offered  Diabetes workshop and consultation at  group of diabetics Mayan collaborators.

NutriCosmica teach what means using sugar and in which way they can healing their pathology, without  buy medicines, but just with a good nutritional attitude, using their seasonal food.


"Education is the art of making man ethical"

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

At Conscious Convergence  we believe education transform people in better human bean, that's why we invest in education in each of our programs. 

We sponsor part of the training, at Conscious Consorcio Clothing paying the teacher and provide materials for free to training  the tailors.

​Natural Dye Training at Conscious Consorcio Clothing, one day class about other form to mordent the fabric for receive natural dye, with the group of CCC​​.

Grey water system workshop at Las Ancestrales. With the participation of IMAP  (Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura) we teach to a group of women  from Las Ancestrales group how to build a grey water filter with the banano circle. Gregorio did a demonstration and after it,  they build all together one filter for the discharge of the water of the sink in the garden.

If you want to join us and offering a workshop or training to our community contact us!