Long tee with a big hoodie or big neackes very comfy.

Is Unisex and can be  use as a minidress for a girl.

The Wizard Rune mean:

The Wizard  is the “Souls shifter”, to fortify personal determination, and help gain the strength to carry through.

It is a powerful protector against negative energies, an ally in personal battles and a generator of the positive in ourselves, since it makes us measure our inner strength and sow Love to give, and at the same time receive, Harmony to everything around us , along with increasing our personal clarity, intuition and personal protection.

Its use leads us to recognize our presence within the universe, our creative capacity, and transformer of ourselves and our environment thanks to the will.

Using it we will understand the meaning of things that happen to us, which will lead us to learn the lessons and transform karma into Dharma.

Materials : Rayon and traditional tribal textile  Japse handwoven