NINJA TOP - Topi & Brown
NINJA TOP - Topi & Brown
NINJA TOP - Topi & Brown
NINJA TOP - Topi & Brown

NINJA TOP - Topi & Brown

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  • Ethically Handmade in Guatemala
  • Made from rayon and Mayan fabric handwoven in footloom (mostly from Zunil town)

Part of the Shaman Ninja collection, this item is all in one piece. Bra, top, hood all in the same item, very comfortable. It fits you like a glove!

You can dance like a ninja with full-body movements.

The fabric necklace can be used in multiple ways, in front of your breast, around your neck, or when you put your hood down behind your shoulder to balance the hood weight. 

We can make only ten of a kind of each item. Hurry up if you like the pattern on the hood!

Model is 5’4” and wearing size S.

Order Size Int US Bust Waist Hips
4 33.5" 84cm 26.5" 68cm 36.5" 92cm
6 34.5" 88cm 27.5" 70cm 38" 96cm
M M 8 35.5" 90cm 28.5" 72cm 38" 98cm
L L 10 36.5" 93cm 29.5" 75cm 40" 101cm
L L 12 38" 97cm 31" 79cm 41.5" 105cm
XL XL 14 39" 100cm 32.5" 83cm 43" 109cm
XL XL 16 41" 104cm 34" 86cm 44" 111cm
Order Size Chest
36" - 38" (91-96 cm) 
39" - 40" (96-101 cm)
40" - 42" (101-106 cm)
XL 42" - 44" (106 - 111 cm)

Unless otherwise stated, it is best to wash clothes on a cool or cold wash settings using a gentle, non-bleach-based detergent. This is also better for the environment. Carefully following these instructions will help your clothes look good for a long time.


With these fabrics, slubs and irregularities occur naturally, and care should be taken to avoid snagging. Detailed care labels are written and attached to each item to ensure your garment enjoys a long life and you enjoy wearing it!


Most of our woven fabrics are hand-dyed. Carefully follow care instructions to minimize color transfer and fading. Please wash your garments separately and always dry them away from direct heat and sunlight.

Hand embroidered 

We use intricate hand embroidery on many of our garments making each item one of a kind. They should be treated with great care to prevent threads from pulling. Please wash inside out. Do not iron directly on embroidered areas.


For all of our hand-knitted garments, we recommend hand washing to retain the shape and appearance of your garment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jenna Rowe

I wear this top to every festival and can do yoga in it, dance in it, even sleep in it lol. I LOVE this top. It is confusing to get on at first, but you have to remember, put your head through the "V" (the two straps in the front) and if you got that, then it's easy. Hands down the best piece of clothing from conscious convergence!!

Belma Pinderi
Absolutely beautiful

I love this top . Its absolutely beautiful. The artwork is fascinating. Thank you for your art

Elizabeth Blakely

Even better than expected

Elizabeth Blakely
Everything and more

This top is absolutely everything I wanted and more with surprisingly fast shipping! I’m 5’11 and as a standard size 4, online clothes can often fit smaller than anticipated or the fabric rubs in all the wrong places with a longer than average torso and limbs. This top is soft, well fitted, beautifully colored, and has great support so you won’t have to ruin the lines with a wire bra. All the sections fall elegantly together… my biggest struggle was finding the fit when it was fresh from the mail and USPS had jumbled it up. But once I had it detangled and on, I didn’t want to take it off. I look forward to my next item from Conscious Convergence!

Chantal Lamour
Beautiful, quality unique piece that will turn heads

I absolutely love this piece! Every single time I wear it I receive compliments. It is so unique; the fabric is soft and I feel good in it, ready to romp around the jungle 🙂. Perfect for when you want to look and feel amazing but are avoiding a "fancier" look. In short, buy this, and it will surely become a staple ❤

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