FRINGE DRESS  - Beet root or Indigo
FRINGE DRESS  - Beet root or Indigo
FRINGE DRESS  - Beet root or Indigo

FRINGE DRESS - Beet root or Indigo

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Hand woven in a traditional backstrap loom with organic cotton mixed viscose.

Easy to wear, you can use as a dress or a long top with leggings.
Soft and flowy!

Hand print Ikat technique with Mayan original motif
Handwoven in backstrap loom.

This is part of our Holistic Wear collection, easy and beautiful, creating a sweet and natural look.

ūüĆĪHand-dyed with our holistic plants dyes:


Botanical name: Beta vulgaris   

Popular Names: BEETROOT , REMOLACHA ,sugar beet 

Disease: fevers and constipation, weight loss, Antioxidants, lover Blood pressure, aphrodisiac, lower Cholesterol, prevent diabetes, immunity booster , vitamins and minerals, piles, kidney disorders, gall bladder disorders, cancer and heart disease, respiratory problems. 


Botanical name:  Indigorifera  suffruticosa

Popular Names: Indigo, Anil

Disease: sedative and calming, promote intuition, eliminating toxic substance, diminishing inflammation and ‚Ä®swelling, relieving pain and itching, antifungal, anticancer and antibacterial effects. anti‚Äźmicrobial, sterilizing.

This is the energy center related to speaking your truth, communicating clearly and honestly, and from your heart. It is the center of self-expression. Wear this top with joy!


Material: Hand woven organic cotton/ regenerate cellulose blend