An unique one-a-kind wearebleart masterpiece, YYY Algiz Rune Jacket is 100% handmade and following our sustanible philosopy and pratices.

We use refine death stock fabrics, handwoven tribal textile Jaspe and Brocade  weaved and rebuild it in new textile effects, on the shoulder and hood.

On the sleeves the plisse effect is fully handmade

You can remove the hood if you like.

With our Crystal patchwork design system we use until the smallest piece of material.

Algiz runes mean:

On the back inlay the ALGIZ symbol ᛉ, is a powerful rune, represents the divine might of the universe.

The "white elk" was a symbol of divine blessing and protection.

Algiz is the rune of higher vibrations, the divine plan and higher spiritual awareness.

Material: Upcycled mix choises of refined textiles and Handwoven tribal textiles.

* We produce one or three a kind, if you want we can do a custome one for you on the colors you prefer.