This dress is part of the Light Warrior  collection, based on the rune Celtic sigil 

It represent, Victory Health, “ Where the is  a way there’s a will” This is  gonna be mine . 

On the back  Fertility rune meaning the natural cycles, it reminds of the importance and unity of perseverance and patience and invites to spend more time in nature. 

Simply observing natural processes we can learn a lot to grow spiritually.

On the side Protection rune,  the White Elk  spirit animal, it represents the divine might of the universe, The protective teaching force that promotes independence and autonomy. 

Comfortable and easy you can wear as a mini dress or a long Tee,  you can wear front in the back and back in the front. 

Made with Viscose, suede, lace and a touch of Mayan Jaspe  handwoven fabric.