Part of the Light Warrior collection this rope Kaftan can be use as a overlay of an outfit or just as a outfit with a simple bikini under. 

Perfect for Festival but also for a night out in the city.

Made with Mayan Jaspe fabrics and death stock refined fabrics, is completely upcycled. 

We do only 3 a kind for batch of fabrics.

Consider this dress as an energetic armor imbued with its Celtic symbol 

Rune Star  Significate: 

This symbol indicate the realization  of dream or that has been extremely meaningful to you. When using this runes you can expect the crystallization if long term dreams or plans and. 

The presence of higher power.

Wearing this rune promised several fortunate development in your life, possible shattering your preconceived notions of what your life should be.

Now is time when you will be dissatisfied with the ordinary