The Light Warrior collection includes inlaid symbols coming from the Rune Bind, an ancient Celtic seal used to protect or reinforce the energy of the person who wears it. 
According to Forbidden Archeology, Runes come from Atlantis, from the land of Gods and they are a self-knowledge writing system that allows one to recover one’s eternity and reach the heavens.
They were created to be a communication tool between men and the gods or between men and the secret forces of nature, life and soul but also a tool to influence reality by being magical symbols or forms. 
Apart from very specific cases, the idea was to use runes without leaving any visible traces. It was considered important to give back to nature what nature gave to Men and not leaving anything behind. Things then changed and men started engraving runes on stones and objects to magic or to pass on messages.
In 1984 near town Noleby in Sweden, a stone engraved with runes about 500 AD was found. It says  “I engrave these runes that come from the Gods or from the Stars.”  Other stones were found elsewhere say the same things. 
Runes are coded or cryptic languages, the rune itself means a Secret as what occurs between a person and the person’s magical soul, is only that person’s individual experience.