The color of these clothing comes from the use of herbs gathered from the Guatemalan Highlands, local to where our clothing is made. Some of the different plants we use for our dyes include mango, alnus, indigo, rosemary, sage, turmeric, and beetroot. We also blend these colors together to create fusions, and are testing new organic plants to create more colors!
These plants provide positive benefits to the skin, body, and energy. The dye used on fabric is absorbed by our skin, the largest organ in our bodies. Much like herbal tea, these plant medicines are absorbed into the skin and you gain the benefits on an energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. The plants are associated with different chakras that provide different healing properties. Many people know right away the color that they need, and this can change from day to day, or be a more consistent ally depending on what the individual is working through in their lives.
Our handmade dyes are the only ones we use because we believe that keeping contact with holistically dyed fabric is a daily healing practice for us, merging chromotherapy and healing vibrations.