The corset begins like armor, a piece to protect and straighten your back, allowing your energy to align with the cosmic energy.

Part of our Mayan Burlesque collection a mix of victorian reminiscent and Indigenous patterns, our version is soft and can be worn like a glove on your hand.

Each piece is unique, made with Indigenous textile specially selected, including hand-woven huipiles from Mayan, or hand-sewn Molas from Guna. 

Each  "One a Kind" piece weaves different meanings and stories into the textiles.The piece is cut based on a crystal structure symmetry pattern, where the textiles play like lights and micro fractals full of colors and shade reflections. The spiral bonds on the side and front are added to maintain a straight and well-fitted look, but also allow you to dance and move around. The strings on the sides help to fit you perfectly by tightening where you need it. This beautiful sacred piece is also easy to wear-- try it on top of plain dresses to spice up the look, or alone with leggings or a skirt. Of course you can "wear it up" but we trust you'll do just find styling your beautiful self in that ;)

This pieces are part of our Holistic Wear Collection,  all natural dyed.

Handmade with love in Guatemala. I hope you love it :)

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