PETAL DRESS- Yellow Mango
PETAL DRESS- Yellow Mango

PETAL DRESS- Yellow Mango

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Hand woven sweetheart dress.

Petal-design lace on front and ties around the back with a "portal" open back cutout on the back, It has an asymmetrical hem that resembles a leaf

Hand embroidered  in front with local  motif by a group of mayan women from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. 

This is part of our Holistic Wear collection, easy and beautiful, creating a sweet and natural look.

Natural dyes with Holistic Dye Colors:


Botanical name: Mangifera indica

Popular Names:  Mango 

Disease: Diabets , antioxidants, hiperglucemia, lower blood pressure, kidneys and gallstones, respiratory problems. treat dysentery bleeding, To cure burns, stomach tonic, hiccups or throat problems, cure hiccups

Material: Organic Cotton (hand woven) upcycled lace 

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